CAF secretariat quiet as FIFA Ethics Committee slams 5 years ban on Ahmad

Harry Awurumibe, Editor-in-Chief

Axed…CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad slammed with five years ban by FIFA Ethics Committee on Monday, November 23, 2020.

Expectedly, the secretariat of Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) in Cairo, Egypt have suddenly become a  graveyard as staffers now speak in hush tones following the news of a five- year ban slammed on the President of the Confederation by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) on Monday.

Sportsrevelation reports that the Adjudicatory Chamber of the Independent Ethics Committee has found Ahmad Ahmad, the CAF and a FIFA Vice-President, guilty of having breached art. 15 (Duty of loyalty), art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts or other benefits) and art. 25 (Abuse of position) of the 2020 edition of the FIFA Code of Ethics, as well as art. 28 (Misappropriation of funds) of the 2018 edition.
The investigation into Ahmad’s conduct in his position as CAF President during the period from 2017 to 2019 concerned various CAF-related governance issues, including the organisation and financing of an Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca, his involvement in CAF’s dealings with the sports equipment company Tactical Steel and other activities.
In its decision, following an extensive hearing, the Adjudicatory Chamber ruled that, based on information gathered by the investigatory chamber, Ahmad had breached his duty of loyalty, offered gifts and other benefits, mismanaged funds and abused his position as the CAF President, pursuant to the FIFA Code of Ethics.
Consequently, the Adjudicatory Chamber found that Ahmad had breached arts 15, 20 and 25 of the current edition of the FIFA Code of Ethics, as well as art. 28 of the 2018 edition, and sanctioned him with a ban from all football-related activity (administrative, sports or any other) at both national and international level for five years. In addition, a fine in the amount of CHF 200,000 has been imposed on Ahmad.
The terms of the decision were notified to Ahmad today, the date on which the ban comes into force. In accordance with art. 78 par. 2 of the FIFA Code of Ethics, the full, motivated decision will be notified to Mr Ahmad in the next 60 days, after which it will be published on
Meanwhile, Sportsrevelation has  reliably gathered that Ahmad’s FIFA ban did not come to CAF Secretariat in Cairo as a surprise just as the staffers  knew that it was a matter of time before the hammer will fall on the erstwhile President of CAF.
According to our CAF sources “We all knew this will happen. It was a self inflicted blow. The man opened up himself to this through his actions and inactions. It’s a shame”.

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